Citroen DS Fine Art Print

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Border: White
Frame: White
Size: Jumbo
3:4 - Size Information (Fine Art Print)
Small (S) 9 x 12" | 23 x 30.5cm
Medium (M) 12 x 16" | 30.5 x 40.5cm
Large (L) 18 x 24" | 45.5 x 61cm
X-Large (XL) 24 x 32" | 61 x 81.5cm
Jumbo (J) 30 x 40" | 76 x 101.5cm
In stock: US, CA, UK, EU, AU, Worldwide

About the Artwork

Martin Debus

Journey into the world of classic automobiles with Martin Debus's evocative photograph, Citroen DS. This captivating German artwork features a black, shiny French luxury limousine from the 1960s and 1970s with whitewall tires, set against the backdrop of the Golden Oldies vintage car meeting in Wettenberg Krofdorf-Gleiberg near Gie��en, Hesse, Germany. Masterfully captured in black and white with the esteemed Leica DIGILUX 2, this photograph exudes a timeless elegance and a striking attention to detail.

The 1/250 shutter speed skillfully freezes the moment, showcasing the limousine's exquisite design and polished finish. With an ISO-100 film speed, the image remains crisp and noise-free, highlighting the vehicle's graceful curves and sleek lines. The f/5.6 aperture adds depth and contrast, further emphasizing the car's iconic presence.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the era, as you admire the gleaming chrome accents, the glossy black exterior, and the stylish whitewall tires that embody the essence of luxury and refinement. Citroen DS is an invitation to explore the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era, where automotive design was a testament to innovation and sophistication.

Martin Debus's enthralling photograph serves as a visual homage to the timeless beauty of classic automobiles, capturing the spirit of elegance and luxury that defined the Citroen DS. This mesmerizing image transports you to a world of nostalgia, grace, and automotive excellence, immortalizing the golden age of car design.

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Steve Stoute

"I think a lot of times people design black, shiny, French, luxury, limousine looks like they belong to a funeral home director."

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