Australian Coastline with Surfers Fine Art Print

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Border: White
Frame: White
Size: Jumbo
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Small (S) 8 x 8" | 20 x 20cm
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Jumbo (J) 40 x 40" | 102 x 102cm
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About the Artwork


Australian Coastline with Surfers is a captivating artwork that beautifully captures the essence of the stunning Cabarita Beach in Hastings Point, New South Wales, Australia. This aerial photograph, taken by the talented FiledIMAGE, offers a unique perspective of the coastline, showcasing the mesmerizing dance between the surfers and the waves. The artist skillfully used a DJI FC2103 and -lens to capture this breathtaking moment, with a 1/560 shutter speed and ISO-100 film speed, resulting in a vivid and dynamic composition.

The vibrant colors of the ocean, ranging from deep blues to turquoise hues, create a striking contrast against the golden sand of the beach. The waves crashing against the shore create a sense of movement and energy, while the surfers gracefully ride the waves, their silhouettes adding a touch of mystery and excitement to the scene. The aerial viewpoint allows us to appreciate the vastness of the coastline, stretching as far as the eye can see, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

This artwork not only showcases the natural beauty of the Australian coastline but also captures the spirit of adventure and freedom that surfing represents. The composition and technical precision of the photograph highlight the artist's keen eye for detail and their ability to capture a fleeting moment in time. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a lover of the ocean, or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, Australian Coastline with Surfers is a captivating piece that will transport you to the idyllic shores of Cabarita Beach.

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DJI FC2103



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"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul."

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